I Heart Del Ray! All Del Ray designs on sale now - 2/21


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The ultimate concierge service, just for Valentine's Day, we're bringing you a shopping experience straight to the safety and comfort of your own home with Zoom!

I will give you a tour of everything we have to offer for A|VA Apparel, and whether you are shopping for yourself or a gift- we'll find your perfect selection!

Just like in the days-of-yore (2019) when we could see each other at pop-ups, festivals, and fairs around Alexandria- when you take advantage of our "personal pop-up" you will get:

1) One-on-one attention to find the perfect gift for yourself or loved one

2) A special discount exclusive to our "personal pop-up"- THIS IS THE BIGGEST REASON TO TAKE ADVANTAGE!

3) Free delivery (sent via USPS within one business day)

4) Eternal thanks and gratitude

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I Heart Del Ray


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